Our services are not confined to brand new machinery only. We stock a wide variety of second-hand and refurbished machines in stock. Replacement parts are sourced directly from the original manufacturer.

Codar’s “OPEN DOOR” policy encourages customers and prospective buyers to witness work in progress on any number of machines in the course of refurbishment. Codar‘s engineers can evaluate professionally machine conditions and report any prospective buyer. Codar‘s on-site operations also include professional dismantling of any machine or line, including electrics.

We recognise modern businesses constantly upgrading by way of products and/or machines. Codar can source equipment on request In the unlikely event requirements cannot be satisfied from existing stocks. Codar maintains a database which can locate appropriate machines speedily on request. Codar knows international business consistently demands an increased range of products.

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Codar seeks to all clients’ needs be they large, medium or even small scale businesses. We are fully committed to providing quality print equipment, machinery, on-time delivery and dedicated after sales service. We thrive on building a relationship with all customers and even creating synergies to meet the demands of the printing industry.


Codar‘s reputation, locally and internationally, has been painstakingly built. We have undertaken and completed successfully installations for international clientele. Codar is a well-trusted name in the world of printing.