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Feeder Unit

  • High quality feeder made in Taiwan with 4 suckers for lifting paper and 4 for forwarding paper to ensure stable and fast paper feeding.
    • Optional: German Mabeg Feeder/Preload device, non-stop feeding, with max pile height up to 1600mm. The preload device is equipped with guilding rails that enable the operators to move the prepared pile to feeder accurately and conveniently.
  • Vacuum pump – German Becker.
    Side lays can be adjusted between push and pull lays to mete different kinds of paper.
  • Side and front lays rail with precise photocells whose sensitivity is adjustable.
  • The anti-obstacle device is adopted to prevent the machine from damage. Paper feeding will slow down when the paper is about to reach front lays to achieve more accurate paper position. Japanese NITA convey belt and its speed is adjustable. German made stainless steel is used for convey board to achieve smooth and quick transportation.
  • Operation panel with LED display is easier to control the feeding process.


Double cam gripper bar system, offered by KOMORI. Double cam gripper bar could deliver the smoothest sheet acceleration and deceleration. Each movement of the gripper bar is perfectly controlled. Suitable for a wider range of paper and higher speed.

Automatic lubrication system. Through the touch screen you could set the time and quantity to lubricate.

Japan Sankyo index box.

19″HD touch screen equipped. All the setting and function could be easily set through this touch screen Unique operation system based on the special knowledge of the machine

The operating system uses the humanized design The parts and parts of the feeder can be controlled by the computer system. Computer angle can be adjusted
according to the operator’s own visual requirements.

Adopt the famous brand of electrical components, e.g
Pilz safety module, Muller replay, Schneider inverter and air switch etc.

This machine is used in famous brand electrical components, including PIL Z safety relay. Muller relay, Schneider inverter contactor and air switch.

Quick center positioning Plate location memory


Original Japanese Gripper, more durable.






Model 1060C 1060CS
Max. Sheet Size 1060x760mm 1060x760mm
Min. Sheet Size 450x370mm 450x370mm
Max. Die-Cutting Size 1045x745mm 1045x745mm
Die Size 1100x770mm 1100x770mm
Cutting Plate 3+1 3+1
Height of Die-Cutting Rule 23.8mm 23.8mm
First Cutting Rule 23mm 23mm
Gripper Margin 7-17mm 7-17mm
Carton Board 90-2000g/m2 90-2000g/m2
Carton Board 0.1-3mm 0.1-3mm
Corrugated Board ≤4mm ≤4mm
Max. Cutting Force 300T 300T
Max. Die-Cutting Speed 7,500/Sheets/Hour 7,500/Sheets/Hour
Feeder Pile Height (including pallet) 1600mm 1600mm
Delivery Pile Height (including pallet) 1350mm 1350mm
Main Motor Power 11kW 11kW
Total Power 17kW 17kW
Voltage 380±5% V 380±5% V
Cable 10mm2 10mm2
Compressed Air 6-8 bar 6-8 bar
Airflow 200L/M 200L/M

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