Bookbinding machines and equipment.

  • Paper Cutter, Paper Trimmers/Slitters 
  • Binding machines, Hard Cover Binding, Wire Binding/Wire O
  • Hard Cover Case Makers
  • Paper Folders  Paper stackers/collators
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Machine Speed 4,000 Books/hour
Max. Book Size 320mm x 240mm
Min. Book Size 130mm x 93mm
Max.Thickness  50mm 
Min. Thickness 6mm


Size Signature-Length 120mm(min) x 350mm(max)
Width  80mm
Mechanical Speed 20-180 cycle/min
No. Of Sewing Head 10



Max working length 600mm
Max.paper thickness 5mm
Speed 82 times/min


Max. Paper Size 400mm ×100mm
Min. Paper Size 60mm ×100mm


Max Pressure 2T - 5T
Pressing Size (max.) 360mm x 300mm
Max Height 90 x 500mm


Speed 500-5000 Sheets
Max. Case Size 440mm x 430mm
Min. Case Size 100mm x 80mm
Cutting Thickness 0.3mm to 4mm

HBC 520

Working Speed/Hours  2,000 Books/Hour
Max. Binding Width


Wire Diameters

8mm to 19mm

1/4″ to 3/4″

Pitch 1:2, 1:3

Max. Paper Width 520mm
Min. Paper Width 75mm


Sewing Speed 50/Min
Max.Sewing Size 460mm x 310mm
Min.Sewing Size 150mm x 100mm


Max. Cutting Size 380mm x 300mm
Min. Cutting Size 80mm x 80mm
Max. Cutting Height 100mm


Max. Cutting Size 420mm x 300mm
Min. Cutting Size 80mm x 80mm
Max. Cutting Height 100mm

Max. Cutting Size (mm) 380* 300
Min. Cutting Size (mm) 145* 100
Max. Cutting Height (mm) 100
Min. Cutting Height (mm) 8
Min. Single Cutting Height (mm) 5
Cutting Speed (times/m) 32
Power (KW) 8.6
Pressure (Pu) 6
Overall Dimension (L* W* H* / mm) 4000* 2320* 1700
Machine Weight (KG) 3500